Six Career Stoppers to Avoid

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Getting a job is a lot easier for many employees than holding on to it. A great number of job seekers are more scared of the uncertainties and insecurity ahead of them as they expect that job offer letter.

The following tips have helped many prospective and serving employees to cope with the uncertainties on their career path.

1. Adapting to change: Failing to adapt to change in a work place is a major challenge for employees these days. Many employees have great difficulties understanding the need to recognize the differences in the way things are done in their new places of work.

Others do not readily recognize and accept the differences in personalities and values at work. Their intolerance of other people’s cultural values, beliefs, attitude and behavior often impact their interactions in work place. Employees who are not committed to promoting tolerance and acceptance of diversity at work are less likely to hold on to their jobs.

2. Arrogance: It is common knowledge that arrogant people have enormous challenges connecting with other people, especially at work. Arrogant people are less likely to get feedback from colleagues because they are often excessively defensive and listen less. Most arrogant people see change or suggestions as personal threats and often react negatively, because they usually operate outside the information circle. Employees who do not control their arrogance often have challenges working in teams.

3. Insensitivity: Almost flowing directly from arrogance is the great problem of insensitivity. Employees who are insensitive to the plight of other employees are usually bad team players and are often perceived as rigid and dismissive. Insensitive managers often convert their beliefs to work commandments and do not care what it takes to secure the compliance and conforming conducts of their subordinates.

4. Excessive ambition: It is quite arguably a great value to be ambitious, especially in the performance of tasks for which our skills are well sharpened. On the other hand, however, excessive ambition can be a great problem. A good number of employees who are viewed as excessively ambitious are also often perceived as destructive and capable of doing anything to climb to whatever level they want on their career ladders. Excessively ambitious employees may be highly intelligent, very skilled and passionate about their work, but the fear of what colleagues think they are capable of doing to achieve their dreams may be detrimental to their career success.

5. Skills deficiency: This is quite common and an over-articulated reason many employees are fired. Not having the required skills for a job is a common HR problem. Skills are to jobs what rains are to flowers. Hone your skills for that job and stay focused on getting regular skills upgrade to remain competitive as an employee.

6. Workplace politics: Most of what fuels workplace politics is ‘gossip’. Most of what lubricates gossip is ‘rumour’. Be careful who you listen to when stories or reports of uncertain or doubtful truth fill the airspace at work.


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