Hire a Foreign Worker

Every year thousands of foreign workers come into Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and Federal Skilled Worker or the Quebec Skilled Worker programs.

These foreign worker permit and visa entry residency programs were created by the government to fill shortages in the Canadian labor market. Most Provinces in Canada have experienced a great demand for foreign workers especially in Healthcare, Industrial and Information Technology (IT) roles. In the last few years, Saskatchewan and Quebec have recorded a large number of immigrants due to their relaxed requirements for eligibility and entry permit.

To hire a foreign worker, a Canadian employer will require a positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) issued by the government. Employers must comply with advertisement requirements, labor conditions, completing the precise application, offer the correct wages matching National Occupation Classification (NOC) and prepare a recruitment effort report.

Once the LMIA is issued, the foreign worker(s) can submit their work visa application at the Canadian Embassy abroad or if the worker is already in Canada, then he/she can apply for a change of employer or ask for a work permit extension with the same employer.

Job Minders Inc. supports Canadian employers in recruiting the best and most qualified foreign personnel, while our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant supports these efforts with the LMIA application. If an employer has gone through the process of applying and obtaining an open LMIA, we can assist with presenting matching candidates and application efforts for the attainment of work permits for qualified applicants.

Why Foreign Workers?

Foreign workers;

  • Are dependable, reliable, loyal and committed to their jobs and employers
  • Surpass employers expectations
  • Are usually very qualified, hardworking and experienced for the required jobs
  • Are usually adaptable, friendly and team-oriented
  • Find Canada to be a very friendly environment and as such, they establish long-term labor relations which allow them to seek permanent residence status

Why choose JobMinders?

  • We offer customized recruitment solutions based on client specific requirements
  • Always competitive with our fees
  • We place foreign workers across Canada
  • We have a good understanding of migration trends around the globe
  • We offer professional and informational sessions to the foreign workers on how to successfully integrate into Canada
  • We represent our clients in getting approval from the government for obtaining an LMIA or completing a Provincial Nominee Program interest request to hire foreign workers
  • We arrange live interviews for our foreign workers via video conference with employers
  • We guarantee a process delivery turnaround time of 4-6 months

JobMindres is 100% compliant with Canadian Employment & Human Resource laws