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A successful job search is part science, part art, but mostly it is about strategy. To have a perfect strategy you have to know what and more importantly who you’re up against.


Employers say 75% of applicants for a given role aren’t actually qualified.


98% of job seekers are eliminated at the initial resume screening.


Only the Top 2% of candidates make it to the interview.

As you can see, searching for employment by oneself is no easy task, but we can help.

To qualify for the JobMinders Personal Job Search Service, you must…

  1. Be willing to relocate
  2. Be a subscribed member of JobMinders

We provide each individual with a job search plan based on their specific need, strengths, credentials, capabilities, and values.

JobMinders compares tactics with outcomes, whether successful or not and makes adjustments to help you find the job that was made just for you!

Our customized approach to matching job seekers with employers promises to take into account your unique skills, licenses, designation, personality, and personal experiences.

Through our Personal Job Search Service, we offer comprehensive knowledge, engagement, and support to both the job seeker and the employer, ensuring that each candidate’s uniqueness can and will be in line with what the employer needs; ultimately ensuring mutual satisfaction and success between both stakeholders.

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