Staffing and Recruitment

Why should you hire us as your staffing/recruitment partner?

We Excel in Culture-Fit

Recruiting top talent for your organization is more than just a set of skills, benefits and salary. Truly successful organisations know that culture fit is the key to retaining happy and productive staff.

The Personal Touch

We take the time to understand you, your business and the type of individual(s) you’re looking to hire.

Quality over Quantity

We pre-screen all candidates and maintain relationships even after placement to ensure our candidates are growing and are the best fit for their current or future staffing role.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Sometimes we over-communicate, but that’s a good thing as you will always know where we are in the recruitment/staffing process.

Timely and Efficient

We understand that every day a job vacancy goes unfulfilled in an organisation it amounts to lost dollars in productivity. Job Minders Inc. helps to minimize these losses by providing pre-screened, well-trained, qualified personnel often on a day’s notice.

We Serve Multiple Job Categories

Our friendly staffing experts are well-connected, so whether you’re looking to staff the front-office or back-office we’ve got you covered…globally!

Top Pre-screened Candidates.

Job Minders Inc. provides staffing in the areas of Information Technology, Office Administration/C-Level Execs, General Labor/Warehouse, Automotive, Restaurant, Healthcare Support; among other roles and professions.

Hire quality. Retain more.